Nov 11, 2007

Email Scam - Strangled in Africa

There is a new type of email scam spreading lately as follows. A certain “cracker” steals and changes the password of a random email user. Then, he emails all his friends and claims that he is stranded in Nigeria and that he needs money transferred urgently. He asks the money to be transferred to a person called “Adamu Mustapha”. Obviously the cracker's name is Adamu Mustapha or at least he has a fake ID with this name to be able to receive the money.

Here is a copy of the first email that he sends to the victim’s contacts:
How are you doing today? I am sorry i didn't inform you about my traveling to Africa for a program called "Empowering Youth to Fight Racism, HIV/AIDS,Poverty and Lack of Education, the program is taking place in three major countries in Africa which is Ghana, South Africa and Nigeria. It as been a very sad and bad moment for me, the present condition that i found myself is very hard for me to explain. I am really stranded in Nigeria because I forgot my little bag in the Taxi where my money, passport, documents and other valuable things were kept on my way to the Hotel am staying, I am facing a hard time here because i have no money on me. I am now owning a hotel bill of $ 1550 and they wanted me to pay the bill soon else they will have to seize my bag and hand me over to the Hotel Management., I need this help from you urgently to help me back home, I need you to help me with the hotel bill and i will also need $1600 to feed and help myself back home so please can you help me with a sum of $3500 to sort out my problems here? I need this help so much and on time because i am in a terrible and tight situation here, I don't even have money to feed myself for a day which means i had been starving so please understand how urgent i needed your help. I am sending you this e-mail from the city Library and I only have 30 min, I will appreciate what so ever you can afford to send me for now and I promise to pay back your money as soon as i return home so please let me know on time so that i can forward you the details you need to transfer the money through Money Gram or Western Union.
(victim’s name)
If he gets a positive feedback from the victim’s contact, he sends the email below:

Thanks so much for the understanding and concern, I am so much happy to hear back from you.. I am in so much pain here, the stress is too much for me. I had been trying to find a solution to my passport issue through the Embassy that is why i am not able to reply you on time.

I need your help so much and on time to help me out of this place, I need your help so much so please try to help me with what so ever you can for now.

I had been running around with my friend Mr. Adamu Mustapha here, he is so much helpful to me, he helps me with my feeding and other little things, i am really thankful to him.

I don't have an i.d to pick up the money you are going send me, I will send you Mr Adamu details so that you can send me the money through Money Gram or Western Union , I will use his identity to claim the money so please go ahead and send me the money now. I need this help so much and urgent so please understand.

Below is the details you need to transfer me the money.

Name: Adamu Mustapha
City: Victoria Island
State: Lagos State
Country: Nigeria

Text Question: Receiver's Name
Answer: (victim’s name)

Please use the above details to transfer me the money on time through Western Union or Money Gram; I need your help soon.

Remember to scan and send me the transfer receipt so that i can pick up the money here, I will be waiting for the transfer details soon

(victim’s name)
By the way, checking the email message headers, I found out the following:

X-Message-Delivery: Vj0zLjQuMDt1cz0wO2k9MDtsPTA7YT0w
X-Message-Status: n:0
X-SID-PRA: Victim Name
X-SID-Result: Pass
X-Message-Info: 1fLmhUU0vWHp71xH1n62wRHwbL+WHXDvu/RqLyifEpK+SRAYJkraK9tySscJc0RoHX078R07bXK/AVeLXcWFaw==
Received: from ([]) by with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.2444);
Mon, 24 Sep 2007 14:11:11 -0700
Received: from BAY111-W21 ([]) by with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.3959);
Mon, 24 Sep 2007 11:32:15 -0700
Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
X-Originating-IP: []
From: Victim Name
Subject: Please, I need your urgent help
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2007 21:32:15 +0300
Importance: Normal
MIME-Version: 1.0
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 24 Sep 2007 18:32:15.0906 (UTC) FILETIME=[3B44A020:01C7FED9]

The IP resolves to Nigeria.

Anyway, I notified the responsible parties about this scam before posting it here.

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