Mar 21, 2008

Taking Notes While You Browse - 1

This short post introduces Zoho Notebook which allows you to use an online notebook with virtually unlimited number of books and divide each into many pages.

At the time of writing, Zoho Notebook is still in beta and it allows you to:
  1. Organize your notes in different books.
  2. Divide each book into pages.
  3. Insert images.
  4. Insert media, audio and video, which you can capture from your own microphone and webcam.
  5. Insert documents from other Zoho online applications.
  6. Export the book or page to your local drive (current as MHTML document).
  7. Publish within the domain, for example

What is more important to me would be the ability to add notes as I browse the net. You will need to:
  1. Register at Zoho; it's free.
  2. Install the notebook plug-in for your browser. (Firefox plug-in can be downloaded here.)
  3. Open Zoho Notebook (in a Firefox tab for example) and start browsing. It must remain open for the Notebook plug-in to work.
  4. As you browse now, you can do the following:
    1. Select text you want to add from any page to your notebook.
    2. Right click the selected text and choose "Add to Zoho Notebook."
    3. The text will be appended to the currently open page in your Zoho Notebook.

To give you an idea, find below the test page I created with Zoho Notebook.


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