Oct 5, 2008

Another Dirty AntiSpyware Page

Many companies are using totally unethical methods to get the novice Internet users to install their products.

Today I was browsing the Internet when I came across this page with from the domain clearantispyware dot com. Things to note:
  • The page promotes some uknown XP/Vista AntiMalware 2009 product. They failed to notice that I was using GNU Linux system.
  • Yet, despite the fact that I am on a GNU Linux system, their page managed to find many many infected files on my computer. (The trick is simple, this flash advertisement shows some recorded animation to trick the user into thinking that an actual scan of his system has taken place and that real serious threats were found. They lie about malicious code being found in order to sell some unknown product from hell.)
  • They are so full of ****; you can see on the upper right "Encrypted/Secure Site" logo while their page is plain http.
  • I didn't have time to further test their advertised product; however, usually this product itself is malware and once installed it will keep bugging the user about registering. The registration process will require the user to use his credit card to pay a certain amount of money.

Theme of the story, block popups. :p