Aug 21, 2011

How sharing should haven been on Google+

I sent the following "feedback" to G+ regarding re-sharing of posts... it makes sense at least to me.

I think the current re-sharing in G+ is quite inconvenient to say the least. From the privacy (and information security) point of view, I think that a person in the original shared-with-group should not be able to expand the visibility (viewers with access, to be exact) of the post.

In other words, if I share a post with my friends, then no one should be able to re-share it with his/her extended circles or publicly, for example. I think it makes more sense to say that the new re-share-with group should be smaller or equal to the original shared-with group. Eventually,
  1. A post shared with public, can be re-shared with anyone.
  2. A post shared with extended circles, can be re-shared only with particular direct circles.
  3. A post shared with direct circles, cannot be re-shareable at all.

I hope someone is listening...